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Pagan Hands Across The Red River is an annual celebration near Fargo, ND. Some of the many activities include live pagan musicians and entertainment, metaphysical vendors, psychic readers, and more.  Food vendors will be on site too!

    Other big events include an open Midsummer's Circle and the joining of our Pagan hands across the Red River. We will join hands on the bridge and recite the Goddess names and Wiccan Rede, showing our presence and purpose within the community. This was a huge success last year. We had cars driving over the bridge cheering and giving us the high sign! We also had a few scowlers. It was a giddy high. All of this was a media event, televised on local T.V. stations. We recommended last year that if anyone does not dare to be "outed" on T.V., wear a veil or mask.

    This is a public event and all those who are Pagan and Pagan-Friendly are encouraged to attend. Please print our rules and guest agreement from this website to bring with you when you attend. It will save time at the gate, and help you plan for the celebration.  We're sure this event will prove to be lots of fun and we hope to see you there!


            Thursday(June 21, 2001)

---      ---12:00 noon   Gate Opens
                                   Vendors Open Their Shops
                                   Shuttle ($4 fee) leaves Moorhead from 11th and Main.

          ---12:30            Shuttle ($4 fee) leaves Fargo from 14th and University

          ---2:30              Announcements Kicking Off The Festival
                                   Devotion Delivered By Lady Star Lightrider

          ---3:00              Vending

          ---5:00              Children's Scavenger Hunt

          ---7:00               Poetry Slam

          ---9:00                Lo-Fi plays

          ---10:00             Fod4der plays

           Friday (June 22, 2001)

          ---9:00 - 10:00   Breakfast is Served ($4.50)

          ---12:00             Announcements
                                    Children's Activities

          ---1:00                Tarot Demonstration/Class

          ---2:00               Mediation to heal the planet by Lady Star Lightrider 

          ---3:00               Vending
                                    Book Signing

          ---6:00                Announcements

          ---8:00               Binge Plays

          ---10:00             Alchemy VII

          ---12:00             20 ft. Mustash plays

           Saturday (June 23, 2001)

          ---9:00 - 10:00   Breakfast is Served ($4.50)

          ---11:00              Belly Dancing Demonstration/Class

          ---12:00             Children's Activities

          ---1:00                Tarot Demonstration/Class

          ---2:00               Midsummer's Circle Ritual: All Guests Welcome

          ---3:00                Vending
                                    Book Signing

          ---6:00                Announcements

          ---7:00               Jenny Livingood

          ---8:00               The Krims play

          ---10:00             Point of Ares

          ---12:00             Nine Eyes plays

           Sunday (June 24, 2001)

          ---12:00              Morning Devotions by Lady Star Lightrider

          ---4:00               Caravan to the Main Ave. bridge to join hands across the Red River.
                                    (chanting and recitation of the Rede)

To download a printable version of this schedule, click HERE.
(Microsoft Word .doc file)