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Rules For Pagan Hands Across The Red River 2001
(To save time at the entry gate. read and print this form off this website. Bring a signed/dated copy of this agreement with you upon arrival. Thanks!)

1. I will strive to live the "perfect love/perfect trust" rule that Pagans follow, throughout the festival.
2. I will bring no animals onto the grounds during the festival.
3. I will respect the site as sacred ground and will leave all vegetation, structures, and private property unmolested.
4. I will refrain from using any illegal substances during PHARR.
5. I will have all blades (athames, bollines, and swords) peace-bonded at all times, unless called for in ritual use. (Peace bonded means "in a sheath and tied or snapped shut")
6. I will respect the right of those in the "family" camping area to sleep and will hold my celebration to a dull roar when near that area of camp.
7. I will not use alcoholic beverages on Saturday, June 23, until after the Midsummer's ritual is over.
8. I will not remove my entry-bracelet at any time during the festival.
9. I will have fun, but remember that I am a representative of all Pagans when we are on the bridge and on camera.

10. I will hold neither United Circle of the North,  Northern Lights Seminary, nor any individuals on the management team responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur during the festival or on my way to or from it.
11. I will be solely responsible for any liabilities/injuries incurred at the hand of nature, namely: drowning, being struck by lightening, branch in the eye, sharp stones cutting feet, falls, etc.


I am 21 or older.

I am a minor. I agree to not use alcoholic beverages at the site of Pagan Hands.

I, ______________________, understand and agree to follow the above rules during PHARR 2001.
          (printed name)

______________________________________________    ________________
                                 (Signature)                                                        (Date)